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Antique and Fine Instruments

and Bows

The followng is a list of the instruments that are currently being offered. Please call for their price, status, and an appointment for viewing.

A new list will be forthcoming shortly


T. Earle Hesketh - 1938 Exhibition Model Violin modeled after Joseph Guarnerius "del Gesu" Manchester, England

Gustav Fedor Heberlein Jr. - 1925 Markneukirchen, Germany

French Violin - Labeled Perre Silvestre a Lyon

German Violin - Labeled Franciscus Gaissenhof, Vienna




Violin bow - by Andre Richaume, silver mounted

Violin bow - by Louis Bazin, Stamped "A. Deblaye", Maillechot (NIckel) mounted

Violin bow - Unstamped French, silver mounted

Violin bow - R. Dotschkail*** silver mounted w/ silver tip

Violin bow - Arthur Thoma, silver mounted

Violn bow - *Albert Nurnberger*, silver mounted, octagonal stick

Contemporary Instruments and Bows

A lovely 16 1/2" viola by Benjamin Ruth is in the shop.  This viola by an award winning maker has an amazing depth of sound with that mysterious quality that can only be characterized as 'viola'.


Cello by Vladik Stopka - 2010 . This cello has been played in, has a very nice warm sound and is very responsive. It is a lovely sounding instrument and visually quite stunning.


Cello by Carrie Scoggins - 2013 . As you might guess this is a new cello, but don't let that fool you. It is responsive, warm and powerful. Not what you would expect from such an instrument. A small full-size with adjustments by the maker to make it even more playable, it is suited for all players and is especially kind to smaller players, yet has the sound you expect from larger instruments.



Viola by Cy Amesquita - 2013. This viola has a 15 5/8" back length and is the second instrument built on this model. It was designed in coordination with a young lady who needed a smaller instrument with the sound of a bigger viola. It is very responsive, extremely comfortable in the hand and has a large, beautiful sound, a joy to play!


Violin and Viola Bow by Robert Dow. I have been trying to get bows by this maker for years. They are both fine bows, extremely well made, very easy to play, and they both pull a big sound. If you are thinking of a new bow these should be at the top of your list to try.

Violin (left) and viola (right) bows by Robert Dow